Justin Childress
Designer & Creative Director


Very Periodic Mailings

In a what I recognize is a distinctly unoriginal move at this point, I’ve decided to start up an email newsletter of sorts, though “news” is probably an inappropriate term, as there will be very little “news” involved. Perhaps “letter” is the more apt part of that convention, though “article” or “musing” or “nonsense” would probably be even more appropriate. Anyway, the newsletter will consist of periodic essays by myself dealing with design, culture, writing, education, language, etc., specifically the role of visual design practice as a connective force between multiple other disciplines/ philosophies/ cultural paradigms. These are things that I very much enjoy thinking about and writing about personally, though due to a certain unexplored insecurity I tend to confine this stuff to my various notebooks, but I think if I create a context in which people “opt in” to these musings, I’m optimistic that I can perhaps be a bit freer to talk to myself in semi-public a bit more freely. I don’t know, but I feel like there could be some value in that.

I cannot predict the future, but I expect that the mailings will also include some notes on books I’m reading, events I’ve attended, and all that kind of stuff. For now I’m going to call the mailings Process/ Product/ Inquiry, since those, in a bit of a mish-mashed order, are the topics that I’m interested in. The mailings will be infrequent (no more than once a week, more likely once a monthly, and will potentially never happen at all).

My first musing will (probably) be on the subjectivity of style, the insecurity of designers who crave objective value for their work, and how this all can lead to lazy thinking. Just FYI.

Hope you have a wonderful day.