In the interest of taking tiny steps towards something small, I am starting a brief inbox project I’m calling Five Thoughts on Five Things. I’ll be sending out one email a week for 20 weeks, each with a few sentences on the 5 topics that I spend most of my time thinking and writing about.


What is the role of design in the world? How are visual culture, language, and environment related? How do you design ethically while also remaining effective?

Art & Experience

What am I watching, attending, researching, and what makes them interesting or good? What’s happening regionally (Dallas, Texas, The South) that’s contributing to a broader artistic dialogue? What does an uninitiated art criticism look like in the 21st Century?

The City,
The Cities

How do the built places in which we live effect our inner perceptions of self? In short, how does our outer city (our environment) interact with our inner cities (our psyche?) How does a personal geography, history, and architecture influence our identity?

Creative Leadership

How is design a social exercise? How do we lead creative teams? What is the role of education in design, and how do we train, encourage, and empower designers in a way that is both challenging and healthy? How do we nourish curiosity and ward off cynicism? How is creative practice a liberal art?


What have I seen or reflected on this week? What short stories emerge from the mundane fabric of a pedestrian life? Is transparency a virtue or a vice?

In each email I will also include one picture, probably incomplete, with limited context. I’ll be sending out the first edition at the end of December or the beginning of January. Thanks for any attention you can spare.